Inheriting the Missing

Inheriting the MissingBook 1 in the Windcatcher series by Donald Hofstetter

They thought he was a runaway Indian or a criminal, but it was the only chance he had. If he succeeded, the world was his; if not, no one would ever look for his body.

Talon had one round of ammunition, two good horses, and little else. He was nineteen years old and life as he knew it had come to a close. A thousand miles away lay the only thing that looked like a future to him.

If he survived the trip, the land and cabin he had inherited were famous among the nations for being a place of the dead — where people went in, but they never came out. It was all he had. It was enough to drive him to challenge one thousand miles of trail he had never seen, through a world he had only heard stories of. His only plan was to make a plan as he went.

The first one to take up his trail he wasn’t too worried about — her he could handle. The posse was not as easy to ignore. If you can’t outrun your enemy, then you’d better be able to out-think them.

If you want to leave behind the chaos of this modern world for a little while, Don's Windcatcher series is for you, starting with Inheriting the Missing. While these books take you back to a less stressful time in the American West, they have plenty of action, intrigue, and even a bit of romance.

The first two books in the Windcatcher series are available in paperback and eBook. The third book in the series is scheduled for release in December 2018. All three books will soon be available in large print versions as well.

Amazon reader reviews of Inheriting the Missing:

“It was a great adventure story and now, I am wondering how his story continues.”

“I am waiting for the next book! I really enjoy Talon’s adventures and enjoyed meeting Tony Blackhawk, and three feathers! That’s a good one.”

“Learned more about breaking horses than I’ll ever use. Interesting character development. The women seem more dangerous than the guy with a Mauser rifle. It was good to see a lawman who seemed to really want the truth.”

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