About Tazlina Glacier Publishing

Tazlina Glacier Publishing was created to share good books that help you leave behind the stress of this modern world for a little while, starting with the Windcatcher Series by Donald Hofstetter. While these books take you back to a more peaceful time in the American West, they have plenty of action, intrigue, and a bit of romance.

Donald and Theresa Hofstetter formed Tazlina Glacier Publishing in January of 2016 and it is headquartered in Tolsona, Alaska in the Alaskan interior. Our focus is on publishing books that can be enjoyed by the whole family, that present the lifestyle of a time and culture that we miss in this fast-paced modern era.

Donald grew up in the ranch country of Idaho and eastern Oregon and raised his family there. Theresa was raised on a homestead on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. Their early lives have given them a perspective that shines through in the books published by Tazlina Glacier Publishing.

In May of 2018, Donald left this world to join his Lord in the next one. His unique writing style, with analogies from his days in ranch country and his wonderful sense of humor, live on in his books.