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Tazlina Glacier Publishing, a division of Tazlina Glacier Enterprises, proudly offers the first novel by Donald Hofstetter. The Windcatcher’s cave is an edgy, fast paced story that is exciting and fun to read regardless of your genre. Tazlina Glacier Publishing house is located in the beautiful and secluded Tazlina valley of Alaska’s interior. Welcome to our website. Please note that the The Windcatcher’s Cave, is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback versions, as well as signed by┬áthe author, direct from us. Don is working on his next novel, the prequel to The Windcatcher’s Cave, to be released in 2017.

We are also working with two illustrators on the first two books in Don’s Lands Beyond the Lawn picture book series. This series of rhyming books for young children is about the natural environment, and the animals that live there, in Alaska and the high desert of Eastern Oregon and Idaho.

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