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The Windcatcher series

Inheriting the Missing – Book 1 of

The Windcatcher series

At the turn of the century, Talon had one round of ammunition, two good horses, and little else. He was nineteen years old and life as he knew it had come to a close. A thousand miles away lay the only thing that looked like a future to him.

He had inherited a strange cabin in a rich land. A cabin whose reputation had always been that people went in but they never came out. He wasn’t sure about all that, but he was sure that if he lived through the journey to get there it was his.

To the world he was about to meet, he was a runaway Indian at best or a criminal, but desperate people do desperate things and fear was a luxury he could not afford.

Inheriting the Missing is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions

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The Windcatcher’s Cave – Book 2 of

The Windcatcher series

The long shadow that filled the doorway was all she needed, to know that the bear was still behind her. Bruised and dazed she ran for her life into the total darkness of the cave. The dull thud of the bear hitting the ground in the entry let her know he was not giving up.

Aggie Stonewell was not supposed to be there. She was a good girl from a good family and it was such a harmless little lie. Where it took her was beyond belief. Into miles of interlocking caves with a man, she had only seen from a distance. Feeling their way in the total absence of light, through stone structures and sulfur springs of the deep, dark, dampness of a massive cave whose only sound was the sound of the constant wind and the occasional moan of the bear that had nowhere else to be.

The Windcatcher’s Cave is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions

You can also buy signed copies direct from the author below.

The Windcatcher’s Cave is discounted on all sales channels through October to celebrate the release of Inheriting the Missing.

Amazon reader reviews of The Windcatcher’s Cave:

“We read this as a family for the first few chapters, but eventually I had to find out what happened on my own and finished the remaining chapters in one evening. A clean, enjoyable read for everyone!”

“Thoroughly enjoyed this book. No gunfights, not a romance, just a suspenseful story… couldn’t put it down.”

“Good book! Had me wanting to keep reading to see what happened next.”

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