Welcome to Tazlina Glacier

Thank you for visiting. Currently, this space is focused on Don’s just released book The Windcatcher’s Cave. If you are interested in staying in touch with news about Don’s books please use the form below to subscribe to the book email list, and to get a free copy of Don’s short story The Hole in the Glass.

The project we are working on currently is Don’s Series of children’s books, titled Lands Beyond the Lawn. We have just signed with a very talented illustrator and are hoping to have the first title available this spring.

We will use this space to share what we have going on that may be of interest. In the near future, you will find things about Alaska bush living and cabin life as well as upcoming books. You may also see a little about the drive through Canada that we take twice a year.

We are also planning occasional blog posts, short videos of our adventures and other things we think will be of interest.